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Who knew that 6 years later he’d be playing Cap.



I blame tumblr user barricadestation lol


REDESIGNED: Harry Potter House Branding

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Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy at Days of Future Past world premiere in London.

*__* Can someone tell me where the vid of this is?!

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it never ends

My whole life in a gif.

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James and Michael respond to the question about Charles and Erik having a kissing scene
Holy crap, Fassbender sang it again! How are these trolls even legal?

altogether too much fun is being had all round

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reach out and touch faith

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For garnetquyen, who wanted: 

Erik and Charles met at a party, it was love at first sight, but they never met again after that. With only Charles’s name in mind, Erik chased after Charles from city to city, collecting Charles’s info on the journey. How would Erik react the moment he finally met Charles again unexpectedly (like if he was about to give up his hopeless chase)

 This was supposed to be a postcard fic, but then it got a little too long to fit on a postcard haha. Thanks to ike for sort of suggesting Charles’ profession.


The last memory Erik has of Charles is helping the shorter, slighter man climb up into the back of a U-Haul, his gloved hand warm in Erik’s and his black clothes helping him blend into the dark shadows. His peacock mask, complete with a frill of sparkling blue-and-green feathers hid all of his face except for his eyes, which hadn’t left Erik’s face for even a second.

“Good luck,” Charles had told him, and for a moment Erik’s voice had gotten caught in his throat.

Will I ever see you again is what he wants to say, but what comes out instead is a croaked, “You too.”

Charles smiles behind his mask. Erik can’t see his mouth and those sinfully red lips he’d been taking advantage of only fifteen minutes before, but he can see the smile in Charles’ eyes. Then Charles had slapped the side of the U-Haul in signal and the truck had roared to life, taking off down the long driveway of the mansion at Erik’s back, disappearing off into the night. All he knows is Charles’ first name, and that he might be a little bit in love.

Erik doesn’t know it yet, but this is the last time he’ll see Charles in two years.

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There’s nothing I can do to make that right. I am so sorry.

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Mechanic!Sherlock - Daily Sketch
This was a request by someone who I can’t remember (please remind me!) but mega thanks to OWLETT for reminding me so often to finish and post this!



You can call it canon when everybody knows…

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it’s like the writers don’t even listen to their own fucking cast

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