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matt smith reading his last lines as the doctor for the first time.

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 For people like us, the journey itself… is home

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zoe saldana preparing for berlin star trek photocall

Shall I smile and wink? I do that sometimes. I’ve no idea why. People seem to like it, it humanises me.

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Professional salesman Robert Downey Jr. (x)

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you're the one that I love / and I'm saying goodbye

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THE CUMBERBATCH COLLECTION - dorkbatch part II (part I here)


I don’t think we take enough time to appreciate the periods in our life when our noses aren’t runny. Is your nose runny right now? No? Think about that. Honestly reflect on it. Enjoy this era of peace. There are dark times on the horizon

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Title: I will be the first man to kiss you

Artist: Tom Hiddleston whispering

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50 First Dates



Dragon Eyes

These are amazing


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is there any other way to go, daddy-o?

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puberty is so fucked up girls shed their inner organs and boys get to have orgasms in their sleep

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